Kurt Cobain

      Mr Tintin,

I decided to write you because I noted that we were two victims of the rumours. I'm used to be said gay. And so I know what we have to do to burn out these murmurs.

I did the same with Chris Novoselic, a friend. The best way is to say that we are really gay together, and in front of this fact, you can be sure that your fans will realise you're not a gay. Anyway, if they don't realise, what's so bad for us to be homosexual.

Hope it can help you.

Kurt Cobain.


      Hi Kurt,

Sorry for that long silence, we had some transmission problems. Even though I'm not really sure your method would work really well in my case, thank you for your advice...

The readers of my adventures have been talking about that for years and I'm now a bit tired. I have already said all I have to say on the subject, but there's always people looking for mysteries where there's nothing. I guess that's what happens when you're popular!