Why did you sign?


Nicolas Weinberg

      Dear Kurt,

I'm nowhere close to being your typical fan, I just happened to be 18 when "smells like..." took the world by storm, and I remember playing it in the "repeat" mode on my stereo while jumping up and down like a mad man. Hence a quite straightforward question: with all your loud and much talked about comments about marketing being crap, and you never wanting to be a rock star and just being happy playing loud music in your garage, why did you sign with Geffen in the first place, and why in hell did you go as far as to prostitute yourself in accepting to play the utmost marketing gimmick a.k.a. the MTV unplugged? Doesn't it make you want to commit suicide?

Yours Faithfully,


Kurt Cobain

      Dear N.W.,

I don't really know how to answer to this difficult question, you seem very smart, so you will probably understand that I don't really have the answer to that bizarre contradiction. I really wanted to be a rock star, you know! Like thousands of other kids I want to feel adrenalin in my veins, and shout my hate in front of millions of people. But when you realise playing in your garage was the Nirvana, when business, marketing, interviews, money become your nightmares, it's already too late. There is no way to come back to your naive little band in your garage. People are waiting for you, and you can't deceive all the people.

Playing for the MTV unplugged session was not a chore. I was waiting for something different from our all day concert. It was something new, fun and beautiful. So, if some people made dollars with that, nevermind... I'll never regret it.

I hope my answer is enough for you.

All the best,